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Why are followers important on TikTok? 

Followers is the ultimate measurement of your account importance. TikTok is the leader in AI recommendations which you must have noticed by spending countless hours watching videos inside the app.

There are many data points that TikTok’s recommendation algorithm must be using but your followers count may have the highest importance. Increasing your followers will not only give you credibility when interacting with sponsors and advertisers but will also organically increase frequency of your videos appearing in the “For You” page.

Why buying followers? 

Getting more popularity on any social media is a never-ending feedback loop. Having followers will increase your likes, views and comments, while having likes and views will yield more followers.

Buying followers is the ultimate shortcut to getting even more followers, likes and views organically. If you are going to invest into your TikTok account then buying a limited amount of followers will give you the quick starting boost that you may need in the very beginning to lift your account to fame.

Can I make purchased followers look organic? 

Knowing moderation is very important but it’s absolutely possible to make followers look organic, especially on TikTok. All you have to do is purchase in multiple smaller batches and let your account grow naturally between the purchasers.

That way you can keep a steady growth while mixing purchased and organic followers. However, don’t forget that you may have to increase likes on your videos as well to make your results look consistent.