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Is buying likes a good idea? 

Likes on TikTok are given less often than their counterparts on Instagram or Facebook because of how users interact with TikTok. Meaning likes are harder to get and therefore have a higher importance. Beyond giving important signals to TikTok’s recommendation algorithm about your particular video they may have significance for your whole account making your future posts appear on the “For You” page more often.

Purchasing likes is a great tool to jump-start your account just as buying views and followers. You should use it wisely to achieve your set goals and increase your account’s credibility.

Can other people see who liked my TikTok post?

Other users can’t see who liked your post directly. Only you can see that through your “Inbox”. What other people can see is whether another user liked your post through that user’s “Liked videos” tab (unless it’s private).

This, however, isn’t a reason for you to find the cheapest likes from the shadiest website out there. TikTok’s algorithm may be considering who is giving these likes. Quality of the likes that you purchase matters and that’s why that is our focus here on Socialprome. You can see our quality for yourself by testing our trial for free.

What else can I do to grow my TikTok?

You should approach development your account as a marketing project. There are many things you have to consider and only buying likes won’t give you desired result. That’s why we here at Socialprome focus on providing a full-service platform. You can buy followers to increase your credibility and attract more organic followers. You can also take a look at our instant views which will provide your post that much needed boost to get even more exposure.

Beyond that we are dedicated to posting weekly on our blog, so you should definitely keep an eye on it to stay updated with latest challenges and news on TikTok.