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Why do views matter on TikTok? 

If you’re looking to make your videos appear on top spots of TikTok leaderboard and make your posts appear in recommendations for more users – all you might be missing is that critical initial viewership boost. TikTok’s algorithm is very complex and mysterious, nobody has been able to figure out how it works exactly and you would obviously want to do everything in your power to make it select your posts.

Thinking logically, amount of views on your post and your TikTok account in general is probably the most important signal that the algorithm can which would make it recommend your recent and future posts to other users.

Is buying views a good idea? 

There’s a simple rule, video views attract more video views. That’s what makes videos go viral and get shared across countries and continents.

Posting a video and hoping that it gets big shouldn’t be an option if you’re serious about your TikTok account. Why compromise the time and effort that you’ve put into a video only to get disappointed by limited exposure? Sharing the video yourself is a good option, but there’s no guarantee that the results will match your expectations. Buying views will be a great supplement to any strategy that you may have right now. Help your posts get more traction and reap results of organic account growth.

Can other users see who has viewed my video? 

That isn’t an option on TikTok right now. Other people will not see who has viewed your posts, all they’ll see is the number of views. This doesn’t mean that you should go with the cheapest option out there, TikTok is growing rapidly and it has been changing constantly which means that you would want your video views to stick around even after upcoming updates.

We offer top-shelf views with fast delivery while keeping our prices on a competitive level and we happily offer you a trial package free of charge so that you can actually see what we deliver. Isn’t that a good deal?